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Blogs Indication On Supreme Court Pregnancy Leave Ruling, Obama's Notre Dame Speech, Other Topics

The following summarizes selected women's health-related blog entries.
~ "Peaceful Revolution: Another Blow to Women," Debra Ness, Huffington Post blogs: The Supreme Court's ruling this week in AT&T Corp. v. Hulteen "dealt a serious and painful blow to working women and the families who rely on their retirement benefits," Ness, president of the National Business for Women and Families, writes. The ruling "affects a limited character of people," and it "would be effortless to ignore them -- easy, but terribly wrong," Ness continues. "This ruling sends a appalling note approximately if discrimination testament bring penalties and costs, and whether the courts will address the ongoing baggage of prior discrimination," she writes. Ness paper money that the ruling "couldn't come at a worse time," adding, "In today's grim economic climate, women and their families cannot afford to see their retirement benefits kept lower by discriminatory workplace policies that should annex been remedied decades ago." Ness writes that it is "sobering that, at a time when denial stereotypes about pregnant women clearly persist, we posses a Supreme Court that doesn't stand firm for identical rights and equal opportunity." She concludes, "It's a worthy reminder of what's at stake with the Supreme Court nomination Head of the state Obama is about to make" (Ness, Huffington Post blogs, 5/21).
~ "This Week in Religion and Politics," Sarah Posner, American Prospect's "The FundamentaList": When "viewed in the action of Obama's filled faith-based outreach project, the events" surrounding the University of Notre Dame's commencement ceremony "highlighted how he has embraced traditionalist, conservative religion -- to the detriment of sexual and reproductive justice," Posner writes. President Obama has "focused his outreach efforts" to diminish the need for abortion "on extended conservative devout groups" and "claims to dignity their position on moral issues," Posner writes. However, "when the dust settles on the Notre Dame controversy, he'll own to figure out what to do with the policy advice he has sought" from the Chalky House Job on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, she continues. Posner adds, "How Obama reacts to that facilitate will demonstrate whether the council is mere window dressing to shore up support from swing constituencies or whether Obama will outturn to conservative religious dogma on reproductive-health issues." Meanwhile, Christian conservatives have been "making pasturage of the findings" of original Pew and Gallup polls that form bounteous U.S. residents identifying with "pro-life" positions and using the data to argue "that Obama's position is absent of touch with the majority of Americans," Posner writes. However, as bloggers at The Monkey Cage and FiveThirtyEight have pointed out, the polls are not representative of most U.S. residents' views on abortion rights, she writes. "Because of that deception on reproductive rights, it's more relevant than ever for the president to situate the elevated groundwork for his own position -- not honest to recall the ethical qualms of abortion opponents," Posner says (Posner, "The FundamentaList," American Prospect, 5/20).
~ "Meghan McCain Preaches What She Practices," Willa Paskin, Slate's "XX Factor": Meghan McCain -- Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) daughter -- "acquitted herself perfectly admirably" on Monday's stage of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" by "defending her core position" that the Republican Party "needs to appeal to younger voters, and it can only discharge so by getting liberal on social issues," Paskin writes. On the show, McCain said, "I credit it's not realistic for this generation to be just manage abstinent, I envision we need to have womanliness education with condoms and birth control. ... I would never training anything I didn't preach." Paskin too includes a video clip of McCain's appearance (Paskin, "XX Factor," Slate, 5/19).
~ "Skill the Messenger," Cristina Page, Birth Control Watch: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) 18-year-old daughter Bristol -- who was recently named a teen ambassador for the Candie's Foundation's teen pregnancy prevention crusade -- "has, yet again, harnessed the enormous media worry in her to compose interest to the problem," Page writes. However, her "style as a spokesperson seems decidedly uninformed," and "someone needs to arm her with the tools to lead her notice most powerfully," Stage continues. Bristol Palin has "so much event to constitute an far-reaching impact" on issues surrounding teen pregnancy in the U.S., and "with just a hardly any guidance from the experts, she can," Page writes. She adds, "Hopefully, she'll seek out that help. It'll make her a much more enchanting figure who, while keeping the fickle media engaged, can educate those at greatest risk" (Page, Birth Clout Watch, 5/21).
Antiabortion-Rights Blog
~ "Reps. Sensenbrenner and Smith Call on Obama To Aware Up to Notre Dame Speech Statement on Conscience Protection," National Licence to Career Comittee blog: Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and Chris Smith (R-N.J.) in their Tuesday correspondence to Head of the state Obama asked that he "live up to what he said by publicly forgoing his administration's move to rescind the Bush administration's conscience protection," according to NRLC's blog. It continues that Obama's pledge during his Notre Dame commencement address to "'honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion and draft a sensible conscience clause, and make firm that all of our health interest policies are grounded in shining ethics and sound science, as fine as dignity for the equality of women,'" is "a far cry from what happened in slow February" when the control took the "first system toward rescinding" the Bush administration's provider "conscience" rule. The blog post adds that NRLC has sent a send to HHS stating that the "federal authority should not rescind this carefully crafted regulation designed to safeguard against forced violations of conscience in federally funded programs" (National Conscientious to Life Commitee blog, 5/20)
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